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Why hemp bedding?

  • 1. Sustainable

  • 2. Antibacterial & antimicrobial

  • 3. Hypoallergenic

  • 4. Thermoregulating

When compared to cotton, hemp uses less water and less land and produces 3x more fiber per acre. It doesn't use pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers, and where cotton harms and deteriorates the soil, hemp detoxifies and enriches it.

Hemp is naturally resistant to pests, mold, and odor. Sleep peacefully knowing you're cuddled in clean and natural sheets.

Perfect for those with sensitive and irritation-prone skin.

Hemp fabric will keep you cool when warm and warm when cool so you will always be sleeping at the perfect temperature. Plus its breathable, cooling, and moisture-wicking.

Botana's Happy Sleepers

  • I have tried other luxury bedding brands - Brooklinen, Parachute, etc. - and Botana is absolutely second to none! They are soft, keep me cool all night and have quickly become my go-to sheets. Absolutely give them a try! Plus, the packaging and care instructions are lovely.

    Annie R.
  • Hands down best sleeping experience of my life. I’ve never been so comfortable.

  • I use to sweat all night long and wake up constantly. These sheets keep me cool thru the night and I can sleep a good 6 hours without waking up!! Thank you!!

    Barbara H.
  • Seriously love this bedding. Will definitely be buying another set whenever I may need a new one.

    Will C.
  • I’m loving my new Botana sheets! They are soooo cozy (even before washing). Awesome quality and very cute packaging. Scoping out a set for the guest room already :)

    Kirsten H.
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Brooke Henderson, Founder & CEO

My Story

I had never considered starting my own company and I had no experience in textiles or home goods, but as I dug in, I felt a new spark. I quickly learned that hemp's sustainability profile is the envy of all other textiles so I got to thinking, researching and planning. Eventually it hit me - "What about bedding?"

But I knew people weren't going to sacrifice comfort just for sustainability's sake, so I set out to make the most comfortable bedding our customers have ever owned - it just happens to be made from 100% hemp.

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