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We're named 'The Best Hemp Sheets' by Architectural Digest for a reason.

The sustainability of hemp vs. cotton

Our bedding is made from 100% hemp.

- Hemp uses just 1/3 of the amount of water as cotton.

- It requires no pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers, making it naturally organic.

- Hemp not only grows faster, but one acre of hemp produces 3x more fiber than one acre of cotton.

- Where cotton harms and deteriorates the soil; detoxifies and enriches it.


Hemp Bedding is:

Sustainable and naturally organic

Antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic

Thermoregulating and breathable

My Story

I had never considered starting my own company and I had no experience in textiles or home goods, but as I dug in, I felt a new spark. I quickly learned that hemp's sustainability profile is the envy of all other textiles so I got to thinking, researching and planning. Eventually it hit me - "What about bedding?"

It’s time we make the shift to sustainability in every part of our lives - not just the cars we drive or the clothes we wear, but also the food we eat, and, yes, the bedding we sleep on.

- Brooke Henderson, Founder and CEO

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"Worth every penny"

"Botana's hemp sheets are a game-changer"

White Hemp Bedding SetOat Milk Hemp Bedding SetNight Swim Hemp Bedding Set

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Hemp Bedding Sets

Save 10% when purchasing a bedding set. Our hemp bedding set includes one fitted sheet, one duvet cover and two pillowcases, with the option to add a top sheet.

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Try a set of hemp pillowcases! They're the perfect introduction to hemp bedding and we promise you'll be back for more ;)

Sleep Happy on Hemp


I have tried other luxury bedding brands - Brooklinen, Parachute, etc. - and Botana is absolutely second to none! They are soft, keep me cool all night and have quickly become my go-to sheets. Absolutely give them a try! Plus, the packaging and care instructions are lovely.

Annie R.

I use to sweat all night long and wake up constantly. These sheets keep me cool thru the night and I can sleep a good 6 hours without waking up!! Thank you!!

Barbara H.

I'm a religious $30 Amazon bedding sheets buyer but the duvet cover and pillow cases I bought were so worth it. The material is strong but soft and comfortable. Highly recommend.


Love this sheet! Quite heavy for a lightweight fabric. Sleeps nice and cool with a lovely touch!


I love my new sheets...they’re soft , comfortable and they breathe nicely. Love the king size they fit my bed perfectly. Softer after each wash. I won’t put my old sheets on ever again.

Diane H.
Wool Dryer Balls & Lavender Essential Oil
Wool Dryer Balls & Lavender Essential Oil

Wool Dryer Balls & Lavender Essential Oil

Regular price$18.00

Our handcrafted eco wool dryer balls are made from 100% New Zealand wool and come with a 10ml dropper bottle of French lavender essential oil. Talk about a sustainable and luxurious laundry routine upgrade!

Add a few drops of lavender essential oil directly onto each dryer ball and toss them into the dryer with your wet laundry.

dream responsibly with botana