My Story

After graduating college, I spent the first few years of my career working at a startup in Los Angeles. Like many people in my generation, I had no idea what I really wanted to do, but I felt strongly that there had to be more to life than tech software.

At the time, my partner worked in the hemp industry, and through his sales calls I started learning about the versatility of this incredible plant. After the landmark Farm Bill passed and legalized hemp in the United States, I saw it popping up everywhere: bioplastic, wood, concrete, paper, textiles. I got to thinking, researching and planning. Eventually, it hit me: “What about bedding?”

I had never considered starting my own company and I had no experience in textiles or home goods, but as I dug in, I felt a new spark. Leading a sustainable lifestyle is a cause that I’m passionate about and practice everyday. I know that if I can help move the needle in some small way, that’s work I can be proud of. 

At Botana our motto is to Dream Responsibly ™

After being introduced to hemp in early 2019, we quickly learned that its sustainability profile is the envy of all other textiles. While we know hemp has the potential to be a real industry game-changer, we also know that when it comes to bedding, people aren’t going to sacrifice comfort just for sustainability’s sake. So we set out to make the most comfortable bedding our customers have ever owned - it just happens to be made of 100% hemp.

It’s time we make the shift to sustainability in every part of our lives - not just the cars we drive or the clothes we wear, but also the food we eat, and, yes, the bedding we sleep on. We hope that with Botana we’re doing our small part to make the world a better place, and that you’ll join us in Dreaming Responsibly.

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