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Bundle - White
Bundle - White
Bundle - White
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Bundle - White

Bundle - White

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Size Queen

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Save 10% when purchasing a bundle. Includes one fitted sheet, one top sheet, one duvet cover, and two pillowcases.

Made using 100% hemp fabric in White.

Please note: King and California King-sized bundles include King-sized pillowcases. Let us know if you would like to swap for Standard-sized pillowcases.

Listed price includes 10% adjustment.

What you get

One fitted sheet, one top sheet, one duvet cover, and two pillowcases - everything you need for a great night of sleep.

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash separately on delicate cycle in cold water with a gentle liquid detergent
  • If desired, a gentle fabric softener may be used every few washes
  • *Pro-tip*: add an extra rinse to the cycle to remove all traces of soap (especially if using fabric softener)
  • Tumble dry extra low/low and remove promptly. Do not over-dry or use high heat
  • Do not bleach!
Hemp fabric is moisture-wicking and naturally resistant to mold, bacteria and odor, which allows for more time in between washes (and is better for the environment!). If you skip a week of washing, don't sweat it ;)
Last but not least, two sets are better than one: alternating between sets will preserve quality for even longer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Will Connelly
Like sleeping with angel hugs

Seriously love this bedding. Will definitely be buying another set whenever I may need a new one.

Michelle Laver

Best sleep ever. These sheets are so soft and luxurious
Customer for life!

Diane Henderson
Soft and comfortable

I love my new sheets...they’re soft , comfortable and they breathe nicely.
Love the king size they fit my bed perfectly. Softer after each wash. I won’t put my old sheets on ever again.

Kirsten Huneycutt
best purchase in years!

I’m loving my new Botana sheets! They are soooo cozy (even before washing). Awesome quality and very cute packaging. Scoping out a set for the guest room already :)

matt gashi

These sheets are amazing. They are soft, luxurious and feel great on your body. Who new hemp can be so soft. The Duvet has a weight feel that is very comforting. Very happy with quality. I Highly recommend Botana bedding.

Why hemp is better

Hemp fabric is perfect for bedding. It's naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and thermoregulating. Not to mention hemp is eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable. What else could you ask for?

Hemp wax is superior to traditional soy waxes. It's toxin, paraben and phthalate free, vegan, and comes from renewable resources. Hemp wax also provides an even, slow burn with excellent hot and cold throw, is skin-safe (clinically tested and dermatologist reviewed), and FDA approved.

The power of hemp

Our hemp is planted in rural, isolated areas on barren ground without using pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, and hardly any water.

When hemp is cultivated its roots detoxify, enrich and restore the soil through bio-accumulation and phytoremediation. In other words, hemp’s roots draw out heavy metals and toxins, absorb carbon dioxide, and return significant amounts of nutrients. This prevents soil pollution and keeps our land healthier for longer periods of time. In fact, hemp was even planted at Chernobyl with hopes to remedy the polluted soil and water.

On the other hand, cotton and many other crops extract water and nutrients without replenishment, which harms, pollutes and deteriorates the soil.

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