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Hemp Swaddle Set in Night Swim

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Because babies have a harder time regulating their body temperature, it is important that the swaddles you use are breathable, cooling, and thermoregulating. Our 100% hemp swaddles are just that. Hemp's thermoregulating properties will keep your little ones warm when cool and cool when warm, ensuring that they are sleeping at their most comfortable temperature.

Comes in a set of 2. Made using 100% hemp fabric in 'Night Swim' - a soft, muted navy.

Size Guide

Swaddle Sheet: 47" x 47"

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash separately on delicate cycle in cold water with a gentle liquid detergent
  • Use Wool Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets
  • *Pro-tip*: add an extra rinse to the cycle to remove all traces of soap (especially if using fabric softener!)
  • Tumble dry extra low/low and remove promptly. Do not over-dry or use high heat
  • Do not bleach!

How to use our hemp swaddle

1. Wrap your baby up like a burrito doing their first few months

Hemp's thermoregulating and breathable properties will ensure your baby is wrapped in comfort and sleeping at their optimal temperature.

2. Use it as a post-bath blankie

Hemp's incredible moisture-wicking properties will help cool down and dry off your little one after a scrumptious bath.

3. When they outgrow swaddling, it makes for the perfect crib throw

Our swaddles drape beautifully over cribs and add a layer of texture and style. It also works as a perfect additional light layer for sleeping (when your baby is able to sleep with other items in the crib, of course).

Why choose hemp bedding for your baby?

  • Hemp fabric is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic

  • Hemp fabric is thermoregulating and breathable

  • It's as cozy and comfortable as can be

Accidents will happen, and when they do, you can rest assured knowing your baby's bed is mold-, mildew-, and microbe-resistant, and thanks to hemp's long fiber structure, it can stand up to many, many repeated washings (getting softer every time).

Hemp fabric has excellent insulation properties, meaning it keeps you cool when warm, and warm when cool. Since babies have a harder time regulating their temperature at night, our hemp crib fitted sheet is here to help keep our precious ones as comfortable as possible.

Hemp is natural and organic, soft and breathable, hypo-allergenic and non-irritating. When it's time for your crib to transform into a toddler bed, your fitted sheet with transform with it.

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