Why Choose Hemp Bedding for Your Baby?

Why Choose Hemp Bedding for Your Baby?

Babies are precious, and when bringing them home for the first time, you want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Babies have delicate skin, have a harder time regulating their body temperature, and are prone to accidents, which is why what they sleep on and what they sleep wrapped in is of utmost importance.

What fabric is best for my baby?

There are so many different fabrics out there, but not all fabrics are created equal. After reaping the benefits of hemp bedding ourselves, we created the first line of 100% hemp crib fitted sheets and swaddles because we believe hemp fabric is the most natural and comfortable choice for your little ones as well.

One of the first things to consider when shopping around for swaddles and crib bedding is to look for products that are hypoallergenic and breathable. Babies have delicate skin that can be easily irritated from fabrics so it is important to make sure the fabric is hypoallergenic. Since babies have a harder time regulating their body temperature it is also very important to choose fabrics with high breathability. Babies are wrapped snugly in their swaddles, but if that fabric has any irritants and is unbreathable, not only will their skin get irritated but they'll get overheated easily - a combination no parent wants for their newborn. 

Hemp fabric is hypoallergenic, breathable, and thermoregulating

Hemp fabric is both hypoallergenic and breathable while also having thermoregulating properties that keep your body warm when cool and cool when harm. It naturally helps you regulate your body temperature while you sleep - exactly what a baby needs! When your baby is sleeping wrapped in hemp you can rest assured they are sleeping in their most comfortable and cozy state (which hopefully leads to longer periods of rest for you!).

Hemp fabric is antibacterial and antimicrobial

Another important consideration when looking for baby bedding products is choosing fabric that is clean and natural for your baby to sleep on. Hemp fabric is naturally mold-, mildew-, and microbe-resistant. This is necessary for a newborn who is adjusting to life - you don't want any unwanted bacteria lingering on their sheets or on their swaddles. Plus, we all know accidents happen with newborns... knowing their bedding is antibacterial and antimicrobial gives you one less thing to worry about.

Hemp fabric is long-lasting and continues to get softer with every wash

Speaking of accidents, we know how often parents are doing laundry with newborns and toddlers alike. No matter how many spills or accidents end up on their bedding, hemp fabric can withstand repeated washings without wearing down, rather, it continues to get softer over time. 

When your baby outgrows its swaddle it makes for the perfect crib or toddler bed throw. Hemp's moisture-wicking properties also make it a perfect light sheet to wrap your baby in post bath or shower as they're cooling down. Your crib sheet will seamless transform when your baby is ready for a toddler bed, and the swaddle sheet will drape perfectly over it. In warmer months your toddler might even prefer to only sleep with the swaddle sheet rather than a quilt. Or, it might become their favorite blankie. 

Hemp is sustainable and grown free from chemicals and fertilizers

Cotton is definitely the most common fabric choice for baby bedding and clothing products, but the majority of these products use conventional cotton rather than organic cotton. Conventional cotton is grown with pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers and using toxic process with harsh chemicals during fabric production. You don't want your baby wrapped up in fabric exposed and treated with those chemicals! If choosing cotton products, be sure to look for organic cotton.

Hemp on the other hand is one of the most sustainable crops on the planet and grows naturally with little water and without the use of pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, or other nasty chemicals. It is also processed in a much cleaner fashion using nontoxic substances and environmentally friendly dyestuffs. Hemp fabric is one of the most natural choices on the market and its benefits surpass cotton on every level.

The first line of 100% hemp crib sheets and swaddles

We're hopeful to see more and more bedding and clothing products made from hemp as it continues to gain popularity and attention. Once you experience hemp bedding for yourself, no other fabric compares. You truly feel the difference.

We are so excited to offer baby bedding as well was twin and full-sized bedding for growing kids or smaller rooms. We started with adult-sized bedding and after a year we knew this is the type of fabric the entire family should be sleeping on. Hemp bedding is better for the planet and better for your sleep. 

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